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Spanish Registered

The Spanish system to re register a vehicle is very different to the UK and the Pentagon Group fully understand the importance of having all the correct paperwork ready to send to your Gestor (Spanish Lawyer) or for us to re register on your behalf.

That’s why we offer a full guarantee that all Spanish cars can be transferred and come free from all Debts Embargoes and Finance.

All Spanish Vehicles: comes with all Paperwork required to transfer ownership including:

1/ Tajeta Tecnica De Vehiculos, (Technical information about your Vehicle)
2/ Permissio De Circulacion, (Registration Document)
3/ Previous Owners Passport,
4/ Previous Owners NIE Number, 
5/ Compraveta (Sale Contract) Signed By the Vendedor (Previous Owner),
6/ Traffico Report showing no Fines/Accidents or Embargo’s,
7/ Previous Sumo (Road Tax) receipts (not always required by Traffico in Spain)